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About nuclear technology / Technical data
Technical data

Power Plant

Reactor type: Pressurised Light Water Reactor (PWR)
Reactor thermal power: 1994 MW
Gross electrical output: 727 MW
Net electrical output: 696 MW
Thermal efficiency factor: 36%

Nuclear Fuel

Number of fuel assemblies: 121
Number of fuel rods per assembly: 235
Fuel rod array in fuel assembly: 16 x 16
Length of fuel rods: 3.658 m
Thickness of cladding: 0.572 mm
Cladding material: Zircaloy-4
Chemical composition of fuel: UO2
Pellet diameter: 8.192 mm
Pellet height: 9.8 mm
Total weight of nuclear fuel: 48.7 t

Reactor Coolant

Chemical Composition: H2O
Additives: H3BO3
Number of cooling loops: 2
Total mass flow: 9021 kg/s
Pressure: 15.41 MPa (157 atm)
Total volume: 197 m3
Temperature at reactor vessel inlet: 287 °C
Temperature at reactor vessel outlet: 324 °C
Number of pumps: 2
Pump capacity: 6.3 m3/s
Pump driving power: 5.22 MW

Control Rods

Number of control rod assemblies: 33
Number of absorber rods per assembly: 20
Total weight of control rod assembly: 52.2 kg
Neutron absorber: Ag-In-Cd
Composition percentage: 80-15-5 (%)

Steam Generator (SG)

Material: INCONEL 690 TT
Number of SGs: 2
Steam pressure at SG outlet: 6.5 MPa (63.5 atm)
Steam temperature at SG outlet: 280.1 °C
Feedwater temperature at SG inlet: 219.4 °C
Total steam mass flow: 1088 kg/s
Height of SG: 20.6 m
Weight of SG: 345 t
Number of U-tubes in SG: 5428
Total heating surface: 7177 m2
U-tube outside diameter: 19.05 mm
Thickness of U-tube: 1.09 mm

Turbine Generator

Maximum power: 730 MW
Steam flow rate: 1090 kg/s
Inlet pressure of fresh steam: 6.4 MPa (63 atm)
Temperature of fresh steam: 280.7 °C
Turbine speed: 157 rad/s (1500 rpm)
Steam moisture at high-pressure turbine inlet: 0.10 %
Condenser pressure (vacuum): 5.1 kPa (0.052 atm)
Condensate temperature: 33 °C
Number of feedwater pumps: 3
Feedwater pump capacity: 50 %
Rated power of generator: 850 MVA
Rated voltage: 21 kV
Rated frequency of generator: 50 Hz
Cos ø: 0.876


Main transformers
Rated power: 2 x 500 MVA
Voltage ratio: 21/400 kV
Unit transformers
Maximum permitted continuous power: 2 X 30 MVA
Auxiliary transformer
Maximum permitted continuous power: 60 MVA
Voltage ratio: 105/6.3/6.3 kV