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About nuclear technology / The operation of NEK / The main control room
The main control room
The main control room is the information centre for control of technological parameters data and functioning of the equipment, from which the operators monitor the technological process and maintain the desired power plant condition.

Technological process indicators that are vital for understanding of the equipment status and the power plant as a whole are collected and processed in the control room.

The main control room

Highest priority is given to multiple controls on the chain reaction in the core, ensuring the reactor is properly cooled, and controlling the status of safety systems. The decisions of the operators are based on the comprehensive information system in the control room. Suitable computer data processing has an important role in this, since it enables the processes of the plant to be monitored under all operating conditions. The staff in the MCR control both equipment and systems and change the operating condition as required, as well as ensure the safety and stability of operation. Essential safety features are automated and do not require the intervention of the operators.

The operating crew ensures safe and stable plant operation in compliance with the code of safety and business ethics, regulatory requirements and operating procedures as follows:

  • plant safety and reliability is the highest priority,
  • logical and conservative decision-making,
  • deviations from design conditions are immediately and consistently rectified,
  • work is carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements and plant operating procedures,
  • operators consistently exchange important information,
  • the training of operators is systematically executed on the latest equipment,
  • all activities in the technological part of the power plant must be approved by the shift supervisor.