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Outage 2018 at Krško Nuclear Power Plant
The tenth 18-month fuel cycle, which started after the outage on 5 November 2016, has been successfully finished at the Krško NPP. The plant operated stable during the cycle and produced 8.37 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity while meeting the high safety standards of nuclear industry. We have consistently followed all regulatory and environmental restrictions. To ensure long-term plant operation, we continue to invest in plant performance upgrading and intensively perform project tasks of the second and the third phase of the Safety Upgrade Programme. Together with reliability and the predictability of operation, which are important for the power system, both owners, economy and household, we were cost effective under the economic plan.
A highly complex regular outage will start on 1 April 2018 by disconnecting the plant from the grid. It is expected to last less than a month. In addition to the replacement of fuel and regular maintenance, we will implement nine major technological upgrades which can only take place during an outage.