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Nuclear and radiation safety / Safety and Health Management System / Safety and Health Policy at NEK
Safety and Health Policy at NEK

We commit ourselves to ensure safe workplaces, fire safety, protective measures, and employee training to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. On the basis of critical evaluation of performance and contemporary work standards, we will improve working conditions and fire protection.

1. We will maintain and upgrade the Occupational Health and Safety Management and fire protection program in compliance with the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001.

2. We will fulfil legal requirements in addition to those adopted by NEK and connected with occupational and fire safety.

3. We will prevent occupational injuries and illnesses and improve occupational health and safety management.

4. We will take measures to ensure occupational health and safety and fire safety.

5. We will include important fire safety measures into development plans, modifications, annual goals and Corrective Action Program.

6. We will measure and monitor the impacts of plant operation on the employees and take preventive actions as necessary based on objective facts.

7. We will train the employees and contractors in the area of safe work practices and fire protection.

8. We will inform all natural and legal persons working for NEK about our occupational health and safety and fire safety policy.

9. The interested public will have the access to the system of occupational health and safety and fire safety policy.

10. By setting an example and being present on the workplace, all the management levels will verify, foster and improve standard behaviours during work execution.