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Protection of personal data

The personal data of the users of the NEK website are protected in compliance with Slovenian and European legislation. The data collected will be used exclusively to improve the use of websites and for the purposes for which they are provided by internet users. Personal data and contact information are not used for other purposes and are not disclosed to third parties without the express permission of the internet user.

Video surveillance in controlled area of NEK

Operator: Nuklearna elektrarna Krško d. o. o., Vrbina 12, 8270 Krško

Contact: nek@nek.si

Legal basis: Video surveillance of the protected area of NEK is carried out for the purpose of ensuring the safety of people and property in compliance with the requirements of the Slovenian Private Security Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 17/11), Ionising Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Nos 76/17, 26/19, 172/21, 18/23 – ZDU-1O) and Rules on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Facilities and Nuclear and Radioactive Materials (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Nos 17/13, 76/17 – ZVISJV-1). The above Rules require the implementation of a technical security measure of continuous video surveillance in the controlled area of a category I nuclear facility. The controlled area of a category I nuclear facility includes an area within the circle with the center of the nuclear facility and a radius of 500 m.

Categories of users: NEK security personnel

Specific effects of processing: There are no specific effects of processing.

Uncommon processing: The movement of persons in the NEK controlled area is monitored through real-time video surveillance camera images. No sound is recorded. Personal data is not transferred to third countries.

Personal data retention period: Video recordings from all cameras shall be retained for 3 months, and then automatically deleted. Security event recordings shall be kept for 1 year. The retention period shall be determined in compliance with the Security Control Center standard, and it may not be less than three months.

Information on the existence of an individual's right to request access to personal data and rectification or erasure of personal data or restrictions, or the existence of the right to object processing and the right to data portability: The data subject has the right to request access to personal data relating to them, and when the conditions under the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation are fulfilled, they have the right to erasure or restriction of processing.

You can exercise your rights with the operator using the contact information provided above.

Information on the right to appeal: Complaints may be filed with the Information Commissioner (address: Dunajska 22, SI-1000 Ljubljana, e-mail: gp.ip@ip-rs.si, phone: +386 1 230 97 30, web page: www.ip-rs.si).

Information about whether the provision of personal data is a legal or contractual obligation: It is not a legal or contractual obligation; however, it is not possible to enter the controlled area in a way to avoid video surveillance.

Information on the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling, and, at least in such cases, meaningful information on the reasons for it, as well as the importance and envisaged consequences of such processing for the person to whom the personal data relates: There is no automated decision-making nor profiling.