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Operational Reliability

We are aware of the strategic importance of our activities for the stable and reliable operation of the plant and for the supply of electrical energy to consumers, regardless of the weather or other circumstances 24 hours a day.

Technological resilience of the plant is fundamental to safe and reliable operation. Its high reliability is ensured through:

  • systematic monitoring of critical equipment during manufacture, installation, and operation,
  • compliance with high work standards and procedures,
  • personnel qualifications,
  • proper predictive and preventive equipment maintenance, and
  • timely planning of equipment replacement.

Unit capability factor

Unit Capability Factor indicates the ratio of the available energy generation over a given time to the reference energy generation over the same time period.

Interesting facts

Security of supply

In 2021, Slovenia again among the top twenty in the world on the Energy Trilemma Index

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Security of supply

Reliable supply of electrical energy is a requirement for normal functioning of a modern society

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Ancillary services

Nuclear power plant is an important support point for the transmission network

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Nuclear Safety

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