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Waste management

The production of electricity in nuclear power plants also generates low and intermediate level radioactive waste. The Krško NPP is responsible for their safe temporary storage in compliance with the standards applicable around the world. We adopted a number of measures and modifications to reduce the quantity of radioactive waste to the minimum. Annually, approximately 30 m3 of low and intermediate level radioactive waste is stored.

Environment and Climate Care

The operation of nuclear power plants does not generate CO2 emissions and therefore carbon footprint is reduced locally, nationally, and globally. Calculations indicate that the use of nuclear energy amounts to emission savings of about 800 million tons of CO2 at the European level. To achieve an equal amount, approximately 200 million cars powered by fossil fuels would have to be taken off the road.

If compared to other energy sources or other production technologies, other environmental impacts caused by the production of nuclear power are low. Therefore, nuclear power production may be considered environmentally and climate friendly energy source.

NEK Decommissioning

Rules and regulations precisely define the entire life cycle of the plant – from the design, construction, and operation to the decommissioning. Decommissioning refers to the procedures, works, and tasks necessary to bring the nuclear power plant to the state when it is no longer a nuclear facility.

Number of SGs
Steam pressure at SG outlet
6.5 MPa
Steam temperature at SG outlet
280.1 °C
Height of SG
20.6 m
Weight of SG
345 t