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Working at NEK

We are proud of our co-workers who are distinguished by their expertise, efficiency, and commitment to the plant.


Working at NEK

Working at NEK

Krško NPP is a cutting-edge company where knowledge is highly appreciated. We are proud of our co-workers distinguished by their expertise and commitment. Our personnel are systematically trained to the highest standards of nuclear profession.

Exceptional operational results are achieved through the concerted and involved work of approximately 630 highly qualified experts against the background of carefully planned organization and work processes. The fields of operation, maintenance, engineering, quality assurance, reactor technology, radiological protection, training, and a number of support functions represent natural, technical as well as social sciences.

NEK is characterised by the organisational stability and a high educational structure, employing more than 290 professionals with a high level of education. There are approximately 70 employees who hold valid licenses to work in the main control room and thus the plant ranks above the world average.

We provide continuous and additional training to our employees. Stimulating work environment and integration in the international scene are the reasons why working in our power plant represents a challenge to a number of experts.

Meet our colleagues – committed experts are indispensable in the nuclear industry.