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Longevity for Sustainability

Our commitments

Through constant development of work processes and knowledge of employees as well as introduction of modifications we persevere on our way to excellence.


Operational Reliability1 / 7

We are aware of the strategic importance of our activities for the stable and reliable operation of the plant and for the supply of electrical energy to consumers, regardless of the weather or other circumstances 24 hours a day.

Nuclear Safety2 / 7

Nuclear safety is the priority mission of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant. We work actively towards its continuous improvement taking into account operating experience, recommendations by domestic and international specialized organizations, and administrative requirements.

Achieving Competitiveness3 / 7

Competitiveness ensures a reliable position in the production of electrical energy and a favorable price of electrical energy for all consumers.

Environment and Climate Protection4 / 7

NEK employees foster environmentally responsible and respectful behaviour. During the plant operation, we focus on ensuring nuclear safety, environmental protection, and emission limitation. We address environmental concerns by adhering to the administrative constraints and the guidelines of modern standards.

Competence and Training5 / 7

Properly trained personnel in the nuclear industry are indispensable and therefore knowledge is particularly valuable at NEK.

Continuous Improvements6 / 7

Our commitment to continuous improvements is an important part of our mission. It is a permanent process that underpins progress and high safety and operational efficiency. When introducing continuous improvements, we derive from our fundamental values, safety culture, knowledge, competences, and commitment. In doing so, we take reasonable account of the standards of the nuclear industry (WANO, IAEA).

Lawfulness, Transparency of Operations, and Openness7 / 7

We are committed to lawful, fair, and open operation. We constantly upgrade the transparency of the plant’s operation and participate in projects that increase public knowledge and understanding of nuclear technology.

Set of on a nuclear venture from atoms to electrical energy.