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You have received a signed contract or a purchase order for the supply of services. If the services are to be provided in the power plant area, the supplier must comply with the requirements for unescorted access to and work at NEK acquainted with when invited to submit a price bid. Please find the requirement details below.

Basic requirements for unescorted access to NEK:

For the posted worker who meets all the requirements, the contractor must submit the following forms to the procurement officer administering the relevant contract: Request for Entry Card for Outside Worker (.docx, 62 kB) in Statement of Compliance with Act on Ionising Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (.docx, 38 kB).

Additional requirements for work in the Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA):

If in addition to the basic requirements for unescorted access to NEK, the provision of work entails additional requirements (e.g. first-line supervisor, etc.), the details about these can be found here.

Professional training for contractors